Yusen Logistics Launches New Unified IT Platform

posted on 20th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Yusen Logistics Launches New Unified IT Platform

Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. have announced the global launch of “Yusen Vantage”, a unified supply chain management IT Platform. Yusen Vantage is scheduled to release on December 2, 2019. The new IT platform provides real-time tracking and advanced supply chain management within a modular architecture. This is part of the company’s digital innovation program and investment in supply chain management business initiatives as part of its long-term vision outlined in TRANSFORM 2025.

The rapid expansion of network sales, coupled with issues of fragmented visibility, cost pressures, data management, inventory management, increased regulatory requirements, and geopolitical uncertainty make holistic awareness of the supply chain of critical importance. The introduction of Yusen Vantage is Yusen Logistics’ response to addressing these customer challenges.

Yusen Vantage has two core functions: Yusen Vantage Focus – offering quick and easy shipment tracking and Yusen Vantage Performance – delivering advanced and customized supply chain management features.

Yusen Vantage Focus (formerly known as YuTrack) delivers shipment tracking and real-time visibility of events and milestones across international freight forwarding shipments and is available to all Yusen Logistics customers. Also, free user registration opens more sophisticated tracking functions.  Major functions of Yusen Vantage Focus include:

Anonymous mode (open to all users):

  • Search by house or direct air waybill number, house bill of lading number, or container number.

Registered mode (requires user registration):

  • Search by identifier data including shipment number, departure or arrival date range, location, shipper, or consignee name.
  • Obtain key milestones – booking status, flight / vessel departure and arrival time, delivery order release status
  • Access and download key documents such as house bill of lading, house or direct air waybill, arrival notice, commercial invoice, packing list, proof of delivery. ​

Yusen Vantage Performance enables customers to pick from an integrated suite of IT solutions – from the provision of end to end supply chain visibility to optimization, prediction and compliance functionality. Major functions of Yusen Vantage Performance include:

  • A holistic view of shipments including the location, events and exceptions at each point of the process and the modes of transport.
  • A focused view of dynamic supply chain information such as historical volume trends and KPIs in functional dashboards.
  • Inventory snapshots including inventory level and value across a global network to achieve agile inventory management.
  • Planning and monitoring upstream supply chain activities from sourcing to order management.
  • Distribution Center delivery planning and scheduling to streamline destination management.

User interface of Yusen Vantage Performance (Advanced Visibility)

Other bespoke supply chain management features can also be activated to support customer needs across different industries including, but not limited to: retail, automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries.

“We named the system ‘Yusen Vantage,’ because every stage of the shipment is visible and under control like when you stand at the vantage point.” said Yasuyuki Takahashi, Chief Information Officer, Yusen Logistics.

“The development of Yusen Vantage is part of our long-term vision to sustainably grow our business with our customers. It is more than just an identity change, but a clear signal we are changing how we invest in innovation, IT strategy and further expanding our capabilities in order to become the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company.”

Starting with the platform launch, Yusen Logistics plans to continuously expand the capabilities of Yusen Vantage and develop further features and functions that meets customers’ logistics needs. Yusen Logistics continues to invest in innovations and technologies that provide customers with the ability to manage their costs, inventory and working capital more efficiently.