World’s first ever drone standards released by ISO

posted on 22nd November 2018 by Justin Burns
World's first ever drone standards released by ISO

The world’s first ever world drone standards have been released by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and it marks a significant milestone for the drone industry.

The ISO Draft International Standards for Drone Operations were formally released yesterday for public consultation, with drone professionals, academics, businesses and the general public being invited to submit comments by 21 January 2019 with final adoption of these standards expected in the US, UK and worldwide in 2019.

After several years of global collaboration, the standards will play an essential role in guiding how drones are used safely and effectively in a framework of regulatory compliance.

Supporters say they will also create a “catalyst” for the expansion of one of the key industries that will determine the future global performance of UK plc.

A report published in April 2018 by PWC, estimated that the aerial drone industry alone (excluding surface, underwater and space) would contribute £42 billion to UK GDP and create 628,000 jobs by 2030.

Convenor of the ISO Working Group responsible for global drone operational Standards, Chairman of the BSI Committee for UK Drone Standards and Founder of Drone Major Group, Robert Garbett said: “I am delighted that we have now reached the point where the first ever Standards for the global drone industry are ready for public consultation after 3 years of hard work and international cooperation between ISO, BSI and Standard’s bodies across the world, with final adoption expected in 2019.

“These Standards will undoubtedly lead to a new confidence in safety, security and compliance within this dynamic industry, resulting in a massive expansion in the availability and use of drone technology in the years to come.

“Drones represent a global phenomenon and an unprecedented economic opportunity for any country which embraces the technology. It’s very encouraging that the UK Government is a world leader in recognising the importance of this vital business sector.

“Informed by the first drone Standards, it is expected that the forthcoming UK Drone Bill, due in early 2019 will create a regulatory framework that allows the industry to flourish in an environment that is both safe and responsible.

“My conversations with drone buyers, manufacturers, users and the wider public indicate that these Standards are warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by all. I would encourage all those with an interest in drones to engage with the consultation process so that no stone has been left unturned in our quest for the creation and adoption of best-practice drone Standards.”