Wiremind Cargo appoints Guillermo Medina Moralejo as new VP Business Development

posted on 14th November 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Wiremind Cargo appoints Guillermo Medina Moralejo as new VP Business Development

Guillermo Medina Moralejo will join Wiremind Cargo on 01 December 2022, as its Vice President Business Development, responsible for sales, commercial strategy and marketing functions.

“Since establishing Wiremind Cargo as a separate air cargo focused entity in November 2021 and subsequently launching CargoStack, we are on a rapid growth path that necessitates professional and stable customer focus,” says Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind Cargo.

“Hence, the expansion of Wiremind Cargo’s leadership team to include a Vice President Business Development.

“With Guillermo Medina Moralejo, Wiremind Cargo is gaining a commercial leader with a track record in implementing customer strategies and driving business growth, spanning air cargo and last mile logistics.

“Guillermo brings both airline and logistics tech startup experience and we are delighted to welcome him on our growth journey.”

Through close interaction both with existing and new customers, Wiremind Cargo will expand its international presence, develop and promote its product portfolio, and finetune its suite of software solutions based on customer input.

The Vice President Business Development therefore acts as the key interface between customers and Wiremind Cargo’s product and tech teams.

“Wiremind Cargo’s focus on building innovative and high-quality products which have a positive impact on the logistics and transport industry, as well as its courage to launch a new CMS product in a market dominated by established freight tech solution providers, are what attracted me to this company,” states Guillermo Medina Moralejo.

“As Vice President Business Development, I get to combine two passions of mine: air cargo, which I am excited to return to once more, and engaging with customers.

“Only once customer pain-points are thoroughly understood, can solutions be modelled in complete alignment with what is required in the market.

“I very much look forward to connecting with customers and partners in person, to better understand their businesses and learn where Wiremind Cargo can support in their digital transformations.”