VOTI Detection XR3D-6D Scanner Receives “Qualified” Status From TSA

posted on 30th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
VOTI Detection XR3D-6D Scanner Receives "Qualified" Status From TSA

VOTI Detection Inc. (“VOTI” or “the Company”) (TSXV: VOTI), a leading-edge Canadian technology company that develops latest-generation X-ray security systems based on 3D Perspective technology, announced today that it’s model XR3D-6D scanner has been granted the highest level of acceptance for air cargo certification and has been added to the “Qualified” section of the Air Cargo Security Technology List (ACSTL) by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

“This is a game changing development for VOTI and we expect an immediate uptick in orders for the XR3D-6D scanner as a result of achieving this important milestone.” commented Rory Olson, President and CEO of VOTI Detection.

“The road to ACSTL approval involved the highest and most rigorous testing standards in the industry. We are extremely pleased that our XR3D-6D stood up to these tests. With this granting of “Qualified” status from the TSA, we are now able to aggressively penetrate not only the air cargo market in the US but globally as well. The certification of additional tunnel sized scanners in our fleet continues to be a key priority for us and remains a critical component of our overall growth strategy.”