Volga-Dnepr’s An-124 delivers four water-bombers to Greece

posted on 24th August 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Volga-Dnepr’s An-124 delivers four water-bombers to Greece

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has masterminded urgent delivery of four Bell 214B with tanks and other associated equipment from Australia to Greece.

The complex delivery was organized in partnership with Chapman Freeborn Australia and McDermott Aviation – Heli-Lift within the toughest timeframes – only two days after confirmation An-124-100 was positioned to Australia to commence its journey to Athens (Greece) with double pick-up at Wellcamp and Perth (Australia).

The cargo, weighing over 30 tons, has been split between two locations, with two helicopters and equipment to be uplifted in each airport.

It is expected that four water-bombers will ramp up Greek efforts to battle wildfires which have significantly spread over the last weeks.

Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, highlights: ‘This is the first time throughout our 30 years of operations when we transported four helicopters on a single occasion, with the loading being done in two steps.

“This requires exquisite workmanship of the loadmasters, technicians, and crew and is only achieved by accurate calculations, powered by experience and respective competence in helicopters’ transportations.

“Since 1990, Volga-Dnepr has accomplished deliveries of more than 40 types of helicopters for humanitarian missions, medical, firefighting, law enforcement, tourism, and other civil purposes, as well as for aerospace exhibitions and airshows, and they know the special transportation requirements of each of them’.