UPS welcomes members of WTO advancing e-commerce negotiations

posted on 28th January 2019 by Justin Burns
UPS welcomes members of WTO advancing e-commerce negotiations

UPS has hailed the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) who are advancing e-commerce negotiations.

Chairman and chief executive officer, David Abney said: “As the world continues to move toward a more digitally-enabled global marketplace, we need to ensure that we are operating within a modern e-commerce policy and regulatory framework that improves the ability of all businesses, large and small, to compete and grow.

“UPS urges all trade ministers joining in the launch of negotiations of an e-commerce framework to work together in a timely fashion in negotiating a high standard rules-based trading system that will provide for efficient customs clearance, enable fluid digital transactions, establish transparency and trust and facilitate cross-border movement of information.”

UPS said it has been a vocal supporter of trade and logistics, freight and supply chain services, as provided by UPS, are key enablers of e-commerce growth.