UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees ratify new pay deal

posted on 11th February 2019 by Justin Burns
UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees ratify new pay deal

UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees at UPS Air Cargo have voted to ratify their newest contract with the company, which was negotiated by the Teamsters Local 2727 union.

The contract, which becomes amendable on 1 November, 2023, makes UPS Air Cargo mechanics the highest-paid air cargo mechanics in the country by a wide margin.

“We knew if we stuck together and stayed committed to protecting the pay and benefits we’ve earned over decades of hard work, we’d do what many thought was impossible and win big for our families, the future of our company and our customers,” said Teamsters Local 2727 president, Tim Boyle.

“This contract does just that, along with raising standards throughout the aviation industry.”

Some of the improvements in the contract include an immediate 17.72 per cent pay increase, raises each year resulting in a 32.61 per cent increase in pay from current rates by the end of the contract and the protection of what is says is “unparalleled health care package with no premiums”.

Teamsters Airline Division director, Capt. David Bourne said it was culmination of over “four years of long hours, hard work and dedication from the Teamsters Local 2727 negotiating committee.