Updated version of the ULD-sharing platform skypooling now available

posted on 19th September 2019 by Justin Burns
Updated version of the ULD-sharing platform skypooling now available

Online global exchange unit load device (ULD) platform skypooling has been redesigned and had additional tools added.

ULD management and outsource specialist Jettainer, which is part of the Lufthansa Group, took over the online tool in June this year.

The reworked version 2.0 enables users of currently more than 50 airlines to quickly share containers and pallets used for air freight and baggage to solve over or understock situations. A survey was conducted among the users in order to improvise the platform.

New features included an auto-matching function, which automatically matches airlines with similar over and understock, thus saving time for manual searches.

In addition, the communication area in the system has been expanded so that, in addition to inquiries and coordination, bookings can also be made directly on the platform.

All functions are now also available mobile via smartphone or tablet.

The sharing principle, which is transferred to ULDs, allows better use of available ULD and aircraft capacities, avoid deadhead moves and storage of empty ULDs.

Skypooling general manager, Christine Klemmer, said the the new system will significantly simplify the work of many ULD controllers.

“In the future, there will be many more solutions to find on the platform that will make ULD sharing even more easy and comfortable. skypooling therefore will become an essential work tool for many ULD controllers and will help them to save time, effort and costs. Due to the avoidance of empty runs, the CO2 balance of the airlines will improve as well,” he added.

Even one avoided empty intercontinental flight of a standard AKE container saves an average of 65 kilograms of CO2. The saving for a pallet stack is already around 3000 kilograms.