Turkish Cargo is awarded with the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Award

posted on 11th April 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Turkish Cargo is awarded with the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Award

Turkish Cargo crowns its processes for transportation of pharmaceuticals; it has been carrying out as based on its perfectionist service concept, with an award.

At the 2022 Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards Ceremony, held digitally in Singapore for the 9th time, the air cargo carrier is now announced as the winner of the “Remarkable Air Cargo Brand” award in the Pharma-Logistics category.

In respect of such award, Turhan Ozen, Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines, said; “Being recognized as a leading logistics solution partner for transportation of pharmaceuticals, we have been carrying out as based on a perfectionist concept, is highly pleasing for us.

“We, as Turkish Cargo, will continue to provide the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific, with the best services.

“I hereby express thanks also to our colleagues who have contributed to such achievement.”

Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards recognizes exceptional bioprocessing experts, organizations and technologies that facilitate biomanufacturing excellence at enhanced speed, reduced cost, and superior quality.

Embracing the best bioprocessing and biomanufacturing leaders in the industry as well as the latest developments in technologies and the best practices in manufacturing, Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards provides support to today’s prominent leaders and trend-setters and inspires the innovators of tomorrow.