Turkish Cargo increases its market share to 5 percent

posted on 7th July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Turkish Cargo increases its market share to 5 percent

According to the data announced for May by the WACD (World Air Cargo Data), the international air cargo information provider, Turkish Cargo, the global air cargo brand, increased its market share to 5 percent and transported 1 of every 20 air cargo, carried throughout the world, in the industry where the global air cargo market has shrunk by 28.5 percent, resulting from the pandemic.

During the course of the pandemic with its acute effects on a global scale, the global air cargo market was affected potently and experienced a severe shrinkage, and decreased by 18 percent between January and May, but Turkish Cargo did not experience any loss of tonnage on year-on-year basis, and acted as a global bridge for the purpose of preventing the interruption of the international supply chain.

During the course of such process, having provided service to 90 direct cargo destinations by means of its freighters with high-tonnage capacity, Turkish Cargo made use of 32 wide-body airliners during such operations while it has performed air cargo operations to more than 60 destinations, including London, Moscow, Oslo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Doha, New York and Casablanca, by employing the wide-body airliners of Turkish Airlines, its master brand.

Turkish Cargo transported medicine and medical equipment shipments all around the world

Turkish Cargo, which has obtained the “CEIV Pharma” certificate in consequence of the training, assessment and validation process, established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the purpose of enabling the performance of global air cargo operations at a high standard, accomplished the transportation of 21 thousand 547 tonnes of medicine and approximately 7 thousand medical equipment between February 01 and June 30, and operated more than 1100 flights just in June by making use of the freighters and airliners.