Tranco Global Brands Domestic Freight Brokerage

posted on 19th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Tranco Global Brands Domestic Freight Brokerage

Chattanooga-based Tranco Global announced the separate branding of its domestic brokerage unit as Tranco National. 

Brad Kemp, President of Tranco Global, said about the transition, “We have always operated as two separate divisions, international brokerage and domestic brokerage. The branding of our domestic brokerage division as Tranco National allows for an accurate reflection of the services offered by this group. This also allows us to apply digital technology solutions that are unique to the domestic marketplace. We’re excited to continue to improve our customer experience.

Tranco National will provide all-points North American freight brokerage services with a focus on customer service and technological innovation. Tranco Global’s worldwide business unit will continue to provide international transportation services under the Tranco Global brand name.

Kemp went on to say, “In Chattanooga, there are dozens of domestic freight brokers.   Tranco Global is the only company that provides both domestic freight brokerage and a full suite of international services under one roof.”

Tranco Global is a sister company of Tranco Logistics. Celebrating 25 years of service, the Tranco brand was founded in 1995 by twin brothers Bruce and Byron Trantham. 

Bruce Trantham said about the branding, “Tranco is able to provide a unique set of customer solutions under a single umbrella group. Combining the asset-based trucking and warehousing offered by Tranco Logistics, with the non-asset based forwarding solutions provided by Tranco Global, the Tranco brand has set itself apart from most competitors on a regional, national and global scale.