Tigers gears up for global roll-out of freight rate quote engine Doozee

posted on 6th August 2019 by Justin Burns
Tigers gears up for global roll-out of freight rate quote engine Doozee

Tigers is expanding its collaboration with tech pioneers Doozee by rolling out the freight rate quote engine across its internal networks in Europe and the USA in time for the upcoming shipping peak season.

Tigers has been working with USA-based Doozee as the official launch customer since March of this year, and, following a successful trial on the Australia-China trade lanes, is now preparing to go-live.

“Doozee is a great partner for Tigers because the team is happy to collaborate and develop the platform in a way that works for freight forwarders and offers an end-to-end solution,” said Patrick Diesing, director – group business process, Tigers.

“As we are working directly with Doozee, Tigers is the first company to benefit from this new technology, and we are setting an example that using instant freight rate quoting is the way forward for global logistics.”

Doozee works with existing rate management platforms, and incorporates a built-in rate management platform, to generate quotes in less than a minute for all types of freight, including air, ocean, ground, and local charges.

The next stage for Tigers is to support the implementation of Doozee with key partners, such as DEAN World Cargo and Ewals Cargo Care, to ensure a seamless integration of services across Tigers’ global network.

“At Tigers, we believe in collaboration and embracing digital technology to stay ahead of the game as the supply chain industry evolves,” said Andrew Jillings, CEO, Tigers.

“We are now extending the benefits of Doozee to our core partners, which is a significant step in the ongoing digitalisation of processes at Tigers, and will bring us one step closer to incorporating instant freight rate quoting into Tigers’ flagship platform, SmartHub:Connect.”

Doozee is available in 12 different languages and contains a rule-based inference engine that transparently balances all of the factors needed to choose the best shipping solution.