TCS Time Critical Solutions Worldwide partners with Neutral Air Partner

posted on 4th June 2021 by Eddie Saunders
TCS Time Critical Solutions Worldwide partners with Neutral Air Partner

TCS Time Critical Solutions Worldwide team-up with Neutral Air Partner to strengthen its position in the global logistics sector.

After a successful start earlier this year, the Dutch neutral provider of time critical and OBC solutions TCS Worldwide, is ready to take the next step in strengthening their position in the freight forwarding sector.

The company recently teamed up with Neutral Air Partner and joined its time-critical group NAX 24-7 Time Critical. 

TCS Worldwide is a Dutch company, based at Schiphol Airport.

“We are delighted to welcome TCS in our air cargo logistics family,” said Christos Spyrou, CEO of Neutral Air Partner

“TCS’s time-critical solutions will further assist our efforts to provide be-spoke and innovative time sensitive supply chain solutions to the trade, with no boundaries and will deliver tremendous value to our group and to our members.

“TCS is an excellent addition to Neutral Air Partner’s sub-industry group NAX 24/7, comprised of leading and independent time critical logistics firms, aiming to advance the interests of the time sensitive and emergency logistics industry”.

“Freight forwarders, located in different corners of the world show a growing interest in onboard couriers,” said Sander van Woesik, GM of TCS Worldwide.

“Their customers in industries such as automotive, aerospace, pharma and fashion, demand a logistical solution to avoid disruption of production lines.

“TCS Worldwide, a neutral provider of time-critical solutions, offers forwarders a customized proposal for their customers’ needs. 

“NAP’s comprehensive network of air cargo logistics providers combined with the experience of TCS Worldwide makes a perfect, strategic partnership for time-critical consignments.”