Swiss WorldCargo’s ground handling partner Cargologic obtains CEIV re-certification at Zurich Airport

posted on 17th March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Swiss WorldCargo’s ground handling partner Cargologic obtains CEIV re-certification at Zurich Airport

Swiss WorldCargo’s ground handling partner Cargologic just obtained the re-certification as a “Center of Excellence for Independent Validators” (CEIV) from IATA for the handling of pharmaceutical products at Zurich Airport.

In addition to Swiss WorldCargo becoming fully CEIV re-certified last year, the accreditation further assures cool chain integrity to customers throughout the Swiss WorldCargo global network.

In 2016, Swiss WorldCargo’s Zurich hub first became CEIV certified and recognised as GDP compliant by Swiss authorities Swissmedic.

In 2018, IATA authorities evaluated Swiss WorldCargo’s pharmaceutical handling and processes before announcing that the Swiss WorldCargo organisation had met all necessary requirements for a full CEIV certification and in 2021 Swiss WorldCargo was successfully re-certified.

With this milestone, Swiss WorldCargo is part of a small, selected group of airlines keeping a full CEIV certification.

“We highly appreciate Cargologic’s efforts for being CEIV recertified again, which underlines our both efforts on maintaining highest standards and jointly enhancing our already state of the art hub in Zurich, the center of Europe”, says Lorenzo Stoll Head of Cargo for Swiss International Air Lines.

“The CEIV certification of Cargologic strengthens the whole Swiss WorldCargo offering for temperature-controlled pharma as it provides end to end quality”.

“As market leader in the Swiss airfreight handling business, we invest heavily to ensure that the airfreighted goods on the ground enjoy Swiss quality”, says Marco Gredig, Managing Director of Cargologic AG.

“The processes between aircraft loading and preparation for dispatch, storage and clearance are very complex.

“Security, reliability and experience are true competitive advantages. In this growth market, Swiss quality is in high demand. So I’m especially delighted that we have received CEIV certification again”.