Soya Group achieves CO2-neutral Air Travels cooperating with Fly Green Fund

posted on 2nd June 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Soya Group achieves CO2-neutral Air Travels cooperating with Fly Green Fund

Soya Group starts a co-operation with Fly Green Fund to speed up the change to fossil-free aviation.

Richard Jeppsson

“We are constantly seeking new ways to speed up the change from fossil fuel in all our business sectors,” says Head of Communications Richard Jeppsson at Soya Group.

“Our air travels is one of those sectors and the change of fuels is an important factor for aviation to be able to meet the climate goals.”

By this collaboration with Fly Green Fund, they now take on the emissions from aviation.

“We are working hard with the transition to green alternatives in all our businesses,” says Richard Jeppsson.

“We focus on sustainable fuel, sustainable propulsion, electrification, wind and solar energy, and the preservation of biodiversity”.

Soya Group has chosen Fly Green Fund, a non-profit organisation, which since 2015 is offering air travellers, companies and public organizations to reduce their flights carbon footprint by replacing fossil jet fuel with sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

Instead of traditional climate compensation, the support to SAF means that the reduction of emissions is achieved within the aviation sector.

David Hild

“Today’s aircraft are technically ready to be run on sustainable, alternative fuels which substantially reduce the climate impact from aviation. Soya Group has made an important choice”, says David Hild, CEO Fly Green Fund.

“It sends a clear signal to aviation companies and fuel producers that there is a genuine commitment to make aviation green, even at a higher cost.”

The fossil-free jet fuels are produced from sustainable and renewable waste oil and emit 70-80% less carbon dioxide than fossil jet fuel.

To achieve CO2 neutral air travels, Soya Group has purchased more fuel than their travels require.

“We are investing in sustainable aviation. In the future, fossil-free air travels should be normality, not something you pay extra for”, says Richard Jeppsson.

“We are honoured to be part of the ambitious sustainability efforts made by Soya Group”, says David Hild.