Solibra Logistics Share Update on Stray Animal Donations in Turkey

posted on 20th July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Solibra Logistics Share Update on Stray Animal Donations in Turkey

Solibra Logistics (Cargo Connections members in Turkey) share an update on their donations to stray animals. Their kind contributions are now covering the whole of Turkey, not just Istanbul.

COVID-19 has affected both people and animals alike around the world. As lockdown and physical distancing measures were enacted, more people are staying home while restaurants and most markets are closed – both are vital food sources for stray animals! The effect on stray animals is devastating as most are finding it increasingly difficult to find food.

The intake of animals abandoned at shelters is also increasing day by day, either with the mistaken belief that animals can pass on COVID-19, or that the virus has left owners unable to care for them.

Just in Istanbul alone, a megacity of 15 million people, there are thought to be 130,000 dogs and 125,000 cats roaming free. These animals in all of Turkey’s urban centers now get services from local governments including shelter, feeding, sterilization and medical checks by trained veterinarians.

We are now reaching through Turkey to help those stray animals, who are in need of feeding and care. Especially during the pandemic, where there have been many days of curfew and our small friends have had no help from people that regularly feed them. Lots of stray dogs are dependent on donations to survive.

For many years now, Solibra donates an amount from each shipment to feed stray dogs and cats. Right now, each shipment raises USD $2.50 to cover feeding expenses of those stray animals in need.”