Sheremetyevo and Moscow Cargo eye new prospects for Chinese airlines and importers

posted on 23rd April 2019 by Justin Burns
Sheremetyevo and Moscow Cargo eye new prospects for Chinese airlines and importers

Sheremetyevo  International  Airport  JSC  and Moscow Cargo LLC are eyeing up new freight routes from Chinese airlines and for importers.

The Russian airport with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian  Federation held a presentation of the cargo complex to their Chinese partners as a part of the strategy for development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of air transport.

A visit to the Sheremetyevo cargo complex was organised for the participants, during which representatives from Moscow Cargo LLC introduced the guests to the technical capacity of the new terminal and showed the operation of the automated cargo handling and storage systems.

“We  managed  to  achieve  outstanding  results in the development of international cooperation thanks to the Sheremetyevo airport’s efficient long-term planning and large-scale  investment program. We understand the needs of airlines and are ready to meet them in full.” said first deputy general director of Sheremetyevo International Airport JSC,
Andrey Nikulin.

“The new infrastructure allows us to fully comply with our customers’ high requirements and even exceed their expectations. One of the greatest advantages of our terminal is the availability of areas for express cargo handling.

“Today, speed is the main requirement the customers set. Speed provides a competitive edge,” said first deputy general director, director for production of Moscow Cargo LLC,
Mikhail Chuvilkin.     

China is a significant strategic partner for Russia. In 2018 alone, trade turnover between Russia and China increased by 28 per cent, beating a record-high of US$100 billion.

Russia ranks first among China’s 10 largest trade partners in terms of trade turnover growth. The new cargo terminal at Sheremetyevo is designed to satisfy growing market demand and to offer advanced high-quality infrastructure for handling cargo and mail destined to China.

The terminal was built drawing on the experience of global industry leaders. The use of automated cargo storage and handling systems enabled us to reduce cargo handling and packaging time, make tracking transparent, and expand the area of IT interaction with customers and airlines.

Factoring in the high growth rates of cargo turnover, the completion of the second stage of the cargo terminal is scheduled for 2022.

Today, Sheremetyevo is the only airport in Europe to service  eight  Chinese airlines. The route network connecting Russia and China comprises 19 destinations.

The import of goods from China to Sheremetyevo soared over 40 per cent, while exports saw a 20 per cent increase. Sheremetyevo has a strong lead in the market of the Moscow Air Cluster, with a share of 47.12 per cent for passengers and 62.79 for cargo, according to last year’s results.

The advanced and projected infrastructure at Sheremetyevo airport creates all the necessary conditions for Chinese airlines and importers to expand their presence in the Russian market long-term thanks to the airport’s efficient cargo hub operations.

Moscow Cargo’s complex at Sheremetyevo is the largest cargo terminal in Russia. It has an area of 42,300 sq.m, and its capacity is 380,000 tonnes a year. It is equipped with Lödige’s  automated cargo storage and handling system, which is unique in Russia.

The terminal features two unique areas for container and bulk storage of cargo, with a single automated control system. The terminal can handle cargo of all hazard classes, including radioactive materials.