SF Express Accelerates Global Supply Chain Mapping, Extends International Air Networks

posted on 6th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
SF Express Accelerates Global Supply Chain Mapping, Extends International Air Networks

China’s leading express delivery giant SF Express have announced the launch of multiple new intercontinental scheduled flight operations. The newly launched Wuxi-Chongqing-Frankfurt Hahn-Wuxi three weekly schedule flights consolidates the company’s goal to expand its international freight coverage to Europe.

This new operations to Europe is an extended air services operating by SF Airlines Boeing 747-400ERF cargo plane with maximum capacity 120-tonne, which serves 3 airports in China and Germany. SF Express is currently carrying outbound cargo for electronic products from China with last-mile delivery throughout mainland Europe. The China inbound expansion will focus on general freight for automotive, spare parts, heavy machinery, chemicals, and electronic products. Customers are our key success, to give a value-added services for our valued customers, SF Express also offers a final mile delivery network in China.

“SF Express is committed to providing expectional services to our valued customers,” said Keith Ye, CEO of SF International.

“Not only does this new flying expand SF Express’ own global express air freight network, we are applying the integrated logistics know-how and systems that we have here in China while leveraging our core advantages in air-transport, road-transport and data to develop our overseas business.”

In the first 10 months of 2019, SF Airlines opens up eight new intra-Asia destinations as well as Europe into our flying network , including the Chengdu-Inchon, Zhengzhou-Kuala Lumpur, Nanning-Ho Chi Minh and Shenzhen–Delhiroute. With this network, SF Express enhances the coverage of Southeast Asia, Central Asia and European countries.

The continuing operations from Shenzhen to Chennai and Hangzhou to New York maintain a 3-per-week schedule, carrying 600-tonne of parcels shipment from SF Express. SF Express guarantee our fast and secured international services by utilizing our unique international air network. Our target customers with wide range of merchandise includes seafood, fruits, clothes, heavy machinery and dangerous goods.

SF Airlines has a fleet of toal 55 owned cargo aircraft flying around the clock, performed 2088 flights from January to October 2019. SF E-Parcel connects over 225 countries and regions, and express delivery support in 62 countries. With the increase of our fleet and expansion on the international network and Ezhou airport, the first 4E class transportation hub in Asia, SF is well on the way to expand its global logistics networks by minimizing delivery times and costs for our customers. We aim to deliver one-site customized solutions for international delivery integrating customs clearance, post-sale delivery, goods pick-up and man-in-a-van services.

“In the future, SF Express will comprehensively improve cross-border logistics and transportation efficiency as well as customer experience, creating a solid and strategic foundation for SF Express’ continued international expansion and growth,” Keith added.