SF Airlines adds Xilinhot-Hangzhou route to meet high beef and mutton demand

posted on 4th February 2019 by Justin Burns
SF Airlines adds Xilinhot-Hangzhou route to meet high beef and mutton demand

SF Airlines launched a new freighter route from Xilinhot-Hangzhou on 24 January to respond to the high demand on beef and mutton transportation from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the East China during the Spring Festival.

The new air route will be flown by a Boeing 737-300/400 Freighter with a cargo capacity of 14 tonnes.

Xilinhot is located in the center of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with the largest Inner Mongolia beef and mutton output quantity.

Its outbound shipment volume of beef and mutton in winter is high, accounting for 31.5 per cent of the whole region. Before the launch, agriculture products such as beef and mutton produced by Xilinhot were transported in the belly of passenger flights, before being transited to Beijing for outbound via the main line.

SF Airlines said the transit time was long, which would easily cause damage to the product quality and the new route solves this problem and expands the air freight resources of Xilinhot.

The express carrier said it also greatly cuts transit processes, but also enhances the freshness of agricultural products such as beef and mutton, assists in external market exploration of the beef and mutton in Xinlinhot and helps local farmers in increase of production and income.

Xilinhot-Hangzhou is the first route launched by SF Airlines in 2019, and also the first air freight route since the open air traffic of Xilinhot Airport.

In the future, SF Airlines said it will continue to explore its air route coverage, optimise its air route network and continue to improve its air transportation service capacity.

At the end of 2018, the airline adding its 51st freighter, a Boeing 767-300BCF Freighter which has a capacity of 56 tonnes.