SF Airlines launches Lanzhou-Bangkok route and receives 50th freighter

posted on 2nd January 2019 by Justin Burns

SF Airlines officially launched a Lanzhou-Bangkok international freight route on 24 December, covering 14 cities and regions internationally.

The new connection will be flown utilising a Boeing 757-200 Freighter and transported goods between China and Thailand are mainly general cargo and perishables.

In September, 2016, SF Airlines’ freighter landed in Lanzhou for the first time, a milestone development of the carrier’s route network from the east to the west. It also laid a sound operation foundation for the launch of the Lanzhou-Bangkok route.

The Lanzhou-Bangkok route is a customised air logistics route based on the improved operation capacity.

SF Airlines said the launch of the route will facilitate the trade exchanges between China and Thailand and is also an important opportunity for it to improve aviation network and participate in international cooperation.

Fast-expanding SF Airlines received its 50th freighter last month – a Boeing 747-400ERF Freighter as it continues to expand its route network and add capacity from booming China.