SEKO Logistics rises up the rankings as a ‘Top 10 3PL’

posted on 28th July 2022 by Eddie Saunders
SEKO Logistics rises up the rankings as a 'Top 10 3PL'

SEKO Logistics has seen voted a ‘2022 Top 10 3PL’ in a survey of thousands of buyers of logistics services in North America, capping a year of record growth, which included their biggest-ever global acquisition and the launch of a new ecommerce business unit.

SEKO was ranked 4th overall in Inbound Logistics’ annual ‘Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards’, based on more than 12,500 votes cast by leading shippers on their experiences of using the transportation, logistics, fulfilment, and supply chain services of hundreds of 3PL providers in the U.S. market.

“The outcome of Inbound Logistics’ Top 3PL survey is extremely important to SEKO Logistics because it reflects what experienced and influential buyers of logistics services are seeing right across the market,” said James Gagne, SEKO’s President & CEO.

“Very few companies work with a single 3PL, so, for us, this assessment is a fantastic endorsement of the exceptional talent we have within our organization and how this is applied to inspire and deliver the best logistics outcomes for our very diverse client base.”

SEKO’s commitment to tech-driven shipping solutions has also seen the introduction of SEKO Live, a secure, easy-to-use mobile app which enables central resources to resolve last-mile issues – and save the sale on a global scale.

“The most successful companies are those which uphold the quality and integrity of their products and services during strong periods of growth as well as in times of intense market disruption,” commented Felecia Stratton, Editor of Inbound Logistics.

“SEKO Logistics is a good example of this and the trust they are building with their clients is clearly reflected in their highest-ever ranking in our annual Top 3PL Excellence Award ranking.”