SASI World partners with The Transportation Research Board

posted on 3rd August 2021 by Eddie Saunders
SASI World partners with The Transportation Research Board

Today SASI World begins work for the TRB, part of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in the United States, to commence work on an extensive research project: Modernizing Air Cargo and Infrastructure at U.S. Airports, managed by the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP).

The objective of this project is to develop a guidebook for U.S. airports of all types and sizes to help modernize their airport cargo facilities, processes and operations in coordination with key logistics stakeholders.

The guidebook will address the optimization of a multimodal approach to facilitate the flow of commerce and the movement of goods in coordination with on- and off-airport facilities and services.

SASI World has assembled a team of industry experts to support the effort, including experts in security, operations and facility best practices, as well as support from academic institutions.

Their focus will be to bring global best practices to light in all aspects of modern air cargo logistics for the benefit of U.S. airports.

Of key importance will be facility design for the latest operational requirements, full digitalization to meet all requirements of US Customs and Border Protection’s (“CBP’s”) “single window” project, assisting airports in both economic and environmental objectives, and ensuring that all pertinent stakeholders have their input and contribution to the local application of global standards.

Leading the team from SASI World USA headquarters will be Mark Diamond and Charles Edwards, fully supported by the global team of SASI World.

In announcing the award, Stan Wraight President and CEO of SASI World commented: “SASI World is truly honored to be awarded this contract and our agreed mandate to deliver a true, value-added guidebook that will have practical and implementable solutions for airports to meet the challenges that the next decades will present.

“Never before has the world realized and accepted the tremendous importance of air cargo logistics to the well[1]being of our aviation industry and the stakeholders involved, including airlines, airports and industries that depend on these services.

“In recognition of this importance, SASI World will involve a global network of experts in industry best practices to fulfill the ACRP project mandate.

“The resulting guidebook will be as user-friendly as possible so that implementation of the team’s recommendations can be done as quickly as possible.”