SAS Cargo Group to Launch Full Digital  Air Cargo Capability with WebCargo 

posted on 26th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
SAS Cargo Group to Launch Full Digital  Air Cargo Capability with WebCargo 

Today ​SAS Cargo​ announced partnering with ​WebCargo​, a Freightos Group Company, to provide freight forwarders a 21st century Digital Air Cargo​ (DAC) experience with fully digital live rates and capacity and eBooking. Via WebCargo, SAS Cargo dynamic rates, capacity and eBookings will be instantly available to 1,600+ freight forwarders and more than 26,000 unique users around the world. Together, these forwarders drive over 30% of global air cargo by tonnage.   

Since 2018, only a few airlines have transmitted truly dynamic rates and specific capacity in real time. Typically, cargo carriers provide air cargo pricing and booking information manually. When combined with shipper turnaround time, this adds up to 2-3 days prior to booking, adding costs and making air cargo unnecessarily inefficient.    

At SAS Cargo we have a vision of making air freight easier, and we know that today’s customer expects a quick and fully digitized customer experience.” says Leif Rasmussen, President and CEO at SAS Cargo

We believe that the combination of our continuous focus on quality in all our operations and the additional digital connectivity to our already existing online booking platform, will provide extraordinary benefits to our customers.” 

WebCargo uniquely enables direct API connectivity, which means the entire eBooking process happens online. When a freight forwarder selects a rate, the eBooking is transmitted to the airline instantly without any manual process. This differs from other solutions which still require the air cargo carrier to manually confirm the booking in the system. WebCargo also enables forwarders to view live rates side-by-side with their negotiated contract rates.   

The partnership with WebCargo is a very exciting addition to our own online booking site, through which 80% of our customers book their shipments. This expands our visibility 

worldwide and perfectly builds upon our established digital products and services, like instant booking confirmation, dynamic pricing and a fully automated and digitized document manager, making them available for a broader audience.” says Martin Dellepiane Larsen, Head of Network & Revenue Management at SAS Cargo.   

For over a decade, WebCargo has helped top forwarders automate rate management and back-office operations. Today, over 1,600 logistics providers use WebCargo nearly one million times every month to perform eBookings, access live or negotiated contract pricing, and air cargo capacity availability, with more forwarders signing up every day.   

The Freightos Group is excited to partner with SAS Cargo Group to bring our Digital Air Cargo vision to life,” said Freightos Group Founder and CEO Zvi Schreiber.

Together we’re improving air cargo for all stakeholders through automatic communication between airlines, GSAs, forwarders and shippers making air cargo more competitive and predictable, helping to expand the world air cargo market.”