Royal Air Maroc partners up with Envirotainer

posted on 7th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Royal Air Maroc partners up with Envirotainer

Eddy Cojulun, Chief Sales Officer at Envirotainer, declared, “With the ongoing pandemic and the need for all stakeholders to work together to ship not only the imminent COVID-19 vaccines but also maintain shipments of all other life-saving medicines, it is great to welcome Royal Air Maroc as a partner to Envirotainer.”

Salim Quouninich, Vice-President of Cargo at Royal Air Maroc, added “During these challenging times, supporting the pharmaceutical community is both a duty and a responsibility. By choosing Envirotainer as our partner for active container leasing, we are equipping our clients with all the needed tools to succeed in the delivery of the most vital cargo there is, particularly in the current circumstances, where fighting the pandemic is and should remain a priority for all.”

 This comes at a time where Royal Air Maroc is endeavoring to raise the bar in terms of pharmaceutical transportation and provide its clients with an increased portfolio of temperature control services.

The Moroccan airline is also on the verge of obtaining its CEIV certification in early 2021, which will further strengthen its ability to handle sensitive pharmaceutical Cargo.