Rock-it Global manages logistics for Team Canada at Pan American Games

posted on 6th November 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Rock-it Global manages logistics for Team Canada at Pan American Games

Rock-it Global has successfully managed the logistics operations for Team Canada at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

Rock-it transported food, medicine, and sporting equipment ranging from hockey sticks to sailing boats for the games, which were launched at an opening ceremony on Thursday, October 20th, 2023.

“What really sets us apart as a leading logistics provider is that we offer a single point of contact and are involved in the strategic planning process months in advance,” said Adam Tubaro, Director Sports & Broadcast Logistics, Rock-it Global.

“Additionally, our crews are integrated with the game’s organizers on the ground and work seamlessly as part of their team.

“This really becomes apparent when ‘Plan B’ has to be deployed – things on the ground rarely go as planned, and we have the advantage of being flexible and agile when contingencies need to be activated.”

The Rock-it team has been preparing for Santiago 2023 for over a year, with team members scouting the 12 event venues, driving through each route to identify potential risks or challenges, drawing up solid contingency plans, and arranging insurance coverage.

“Rock-it transports anything that helps the athletes feel at home, whether that be their favorite cereal bar, furniture, weight training equipment, or more obscure things like team signage and games for the athletes’ lounge. The cargo we’ve had to move comes in a range of sizes and shapes,” said Josh Gordon, Director, Sports and Broadcast, Rock-it Global.

“We also had to transport the cargo in stages – first, shipping over items that are less bound to a set timeframe like apparel, and then moving to more time-sensitive items such as perishables, boats, and sport equipment needed for training and competition.

“Right up to game day, we will continue shipping last-minute items such as additional sizes of clothing and footwear for the team kits.”

The Rock-it team dedicated a warehouse for games-specific operations and provided labor resources for the event, offering deliveries direct to games sites and villages – and is now overseeing the return to base of cargo after the event.