Rock-it Cargo and Sound Moves combining to form single brand Rock-it Global

posted on 26th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Rock-it Cargo and Sound Moves combining to form single brand Rock-it Global

“These are pretty tough times, and first and foremost, we extend our best wishes and prayers for the good health and prosperity for all of those that helped us prosper over the last 40 years,” says David Bernstein, Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Rock-it Cargo Holdings. “We’ve reorganized Rock-it in a way that we believe will provide for the best customer experience and expertise available in global entertainment logistics,”

“The time our people have been off the road has allowed us to internally assess our strengths and ask how we could be stronger and more prepared when our clients signaled it would be time to get back out. This move positions us for what lies ahead.”

Paul Martins

“This coming together is something long in the making. We devoted significant time and effort to bring this to fruition,” shares Rock-it Cargo CEO & President Paul Martins. “I’m also extremely pleased that Duane Wood, founder and CEO of Sound Moves is joining the Executive Team as Chief Strategy Officer. His experience leading Sound Moves will be a remarkable asset to the new combined company as well as the entire group of companies under our umbrella.”

When you put world-class musicians together, it takes them time to find their collective sound. Over the next few months, Rock-it and Sound Moves are going to be blending theirs, and in late spring plan to unveil the company logo, website and leadership teams.

Until the impending industry roll-out later in 2021, the group underscores the message of continuity.

“Same people, same phone numbers, same email addresses, same great experiences, it makes sense,” Martins continues. “When you’ve got the best operators in the world functioning in two different silos, you need to bring that power together to create an unbeatable organization that can provide tailored solutions for critical projects anywhere in the world, delivering for our customers the ultimate peace of mind.”