RIOgaleão wins IATA’s CEIV Pharma Recertification

posted on 12th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
RIOgaleão wins IATA’s CEIV Pharma Recertification

RIOgaleão Cargo has just won the IATA (International Air Transport Association) CEIV Pharma Recertification, which recognizes logistics terminals that offer quality and reliability in services to the pharmaceutical industry.

With its first certification in 2016, RIOgaleão became the only airport in the Americas to possess the CEIV Pharma from IATA. The Recertification confirms the pioneering spirit of RIOgaleão and recognizes the maintaining of good practices adopted in the pharmaceutical terminal, infrastructure and storage processes, including those requiring controlled temperature, as well as the continual training of professionals involved.

IATA CEIV Pharma certification is a program adopted worldwide, consisting of audits and technical training. The certification process must be repeated every three years. To achieve Recertification, RIOgaleão Cargo teams passed through a series of IATA trainings that cover the latest trends to ensure high quality operations related to process and competence and specialization of the staff.

The training addressed topics such as risk management, internal audit, nonconformity analysis, change management, operational controls and SLAs. All content has been revised based on Quality Management System requirements, and with full focus on meeting air cargo industry best practices for the storage, acceptance and handling of pharmaceuticals.

“The pursuit of excellence must be a permanent endeavor. The achievement of CEIV Pharma Recertification shows that we are keeping our focus on going the extra mile, always providing the best services to our customers, adopting the best practices in moving products in the pharmaceutical sector,” said Patrick Fehring, Director of RIOgaleão Cargo.

IATA Validator Carmen Martínez, responsible for conducting the workshops “Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations” and “Audit, Quality and Risk Management for Temperature Control Cargo”, noted the commitment of the RIOgaleão Cargo team in the Recertification process. The two workshops together totaled more than 64 hours of training, including theoretical content, group dynamics and technical visits to the temperature-controlled facilities of the terminals.

“It was a pleasure to share eight days of hard and enthusiastic work with the RIOgaleão airport staff. The team is committed to excellence and fully aware of the needs of pharmaceutical products and related services. Top management is also involved with the need for continuous improvement, and this course has demonstrated the interest in expanding and improving knowledge and experience sharing at all staff levels, which is extremely important to consistently meet pharmaceutical requirements,” said Carmen Martinez.

CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators)

The certificate attests that the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products are being carried out in accordance with the best practices and operating standards adopted in the international market, ensuring even greater quality in the services offered and cold chain integrity, as well as reducing risks and logistics costs for clients in this strategic sector. The CEIV Pharma certificate supports logistics terminals to provide quality and reliability in their services to pharmaceutical companies, favoring the growth of new businesses in this sector.

The pharmaceutical segment ranks second among the top 5 RIOgaleão Cargo imports, representing 17% of cargo terminal handling. Located close to the main pharmaceutical centers in Latin America, RIOgaleão receives 20% of the sector’s total cargo in Brazil, by weight.