Ramper Innovations appoints Air Cargo Latin America LLC as its sales agent

posted on 26th June 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Ramper Innovations appoints Air Cargo Latin America LLC as its sales agent

To expand its presence in the Latin American market, Ramper Innovations, an Alaska based company that manufactures the state-of-the-art compact motorized conveyor “TISABAS”, has appointed Air Cargo Latin America LLC as its sales agent in this region.

TISABAS was designed by veteran ramp agent Tim Fulton, who has suffered firsthand the back injuries of lifting and pushing heavy bags and cargo boxes the length of the narrow body bellies, in an unnatural “on-the knees” position, for over 38 years.

The name TISABAS stands for “TIm SAves BAckS”, and the use of this device brings many benefits, not only to the ramp agents´ health, but also to the loading/unloading process, maintaining at the same time the integrity of the cargo, luggage, and the aircraft belly floor, bringing efficiencies to the overall operation.

Main benefits of using TISABAS
➢ Reduces damage to cargo and luggage in more than 95%, eliminating heavy costs coming from claims, insurance, and other related inefficiencies.
➢ Reduces the manual labor needed to move cargo/bags, and facilitates an ergonomic work environment, reducing injuries.
➢ TISABAS is approximately 85-90% less expensive to purchase than its closest competitor or the current manual method.
➢ Eliminates the impact of items being thrown down the belly of the plane.

Tim Fulton, founder and CEO of Ramper Innovations, said: “At Ramper Innovations we are passionate about finding ways to make the physically demanding job of loading and unloading aircraft safer and easier for ramp agents, reducing damage to the cargo and luggage.

“I´m excited to start this relationship with Air Cargo Latin America LLC, a company led by an aviation veteran with more than 30 years in the industry, who will contribute with his expertise and will surely help us to expand our presence in the Latin American market”.

Marcelo Ricciardulli, CEO of Air Cargo Latin America LLC, added: “the simplicity of this device caught my attention from the first moment I saw it, and I appreciate the trust of Tim and his team.

“I am very excited to start this project together with Ramper Innovations, bringing the quality and potential of TISABAS to our region, at the service of airlines and ground handling companies, making their operations more efficient, reducing losses and, above all, taking care of the physical integrity of the ramp agents.”