Prague Airport handled 44 special cargo flights since March 20th

posted on 23rd April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Prague Airport handled 44 special cargo flights since March 20th

Václav Havel Prague Airport has announced that it has handled 44 special cargo flights consisting of medical supplies since 20th March, 2020.

Vaclav Rehor, chairman of the Prague Airport board of directors, said: “Since the second half of March, important medical supplies have been brought to the Czech Republic via Václav Havel Airport Prague almost daily, confirming the strategic importance of our airport within the transport infrastructure of the country. The flights with medical supplies on board are primarily handled by employees of Prague Airport and its subsidiaries, alongside other handling companies and additional partner organisations, such as the Czech Fire Rescue Service, the Czech Police, the Army of the Czech Republic and the Administration of the State Material Reserves. It is thanks to their hard work and resilience that healthcare facilities have been receiving the much-needed help for over a month.”

Prague Airport has managed to secure a sufficient amount of protective gear and disinfectant on time. Thus, every employee has access to respirators, face masks, gloves and other protective equipment. There are also more than 250 hand sanitisers located throughout the airport. Employees are consistently and regularly trained in prevention, as well as their family members, for whom we have created and distributed family-friendly leaflets on the prevention of the spread of Covid-19.”

However, the airport’s regular traffic continues to decline and the year-on-year figures for March show a 47.3% drop in aircraft movements. Therefore, to reduce its costs, the airport has started to gradually consolidate its operations. In Terminal 1, all flights are operating from Pier B. In Terminal 2, some areas, including information counters and central security checkpoints, are only open during specific times that are determined by the irregular flight arrivals and departures.