Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas grows again with Jettainer

posted on 23rd February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas grows again with Jettainer

The Spanish airline Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas is drawing on Jettainer’s experience in outsourcing unit load device (ULD) management for another five years.

Jettainer’s customized services will support the growth of this young airline which operates a network of routes between Madrid and South America. The partnership dates back to 2016, during which Plus Ultra has added a third and fourth Airbus A340 to its fleet and has continuously expanded their network.

The extension of the partnership with Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas bears out Jettainer’s targeted sales strategy of supporting the growth of newer airlines, too, with efficient ULD management services.

Jettainer has proven its expertise in ULD management to Plus Ultra particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its global network and many years of experience in unit load device management ensure that ULDs are available at all locations, even in an unsettled market climate. The A340 specialist will remain able to offer cargo space in wide-body aircraft to a full extent, meeting rapidly growing demand for air freight during the pandemic.

“A solid and long partnership is important to us, even more in times of crisis. We stand at Plus Ultra’s side with Jettainer’s efficient ULD management services and leading IT solutions,” said Thomas Sonntag, Jettainer’s Managing Director.

“The fact that Jettainer is procuring, managing and maintaining ULDs for us creates efficient infrastructure on the ground that we could not create better ourselves. We can always count on our partner, including during the pandemic. The partnership with Jettainer continues to pave the way for our airline’s expansion in the future, despite the challenges associated with the coronavirus,” remarked Roberto Roselli, CEO of Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas.