Pharma.Aero announce date of their 3rd webinar and new Full Member

posted on 11th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Pharma.Aero announce date of their 3rd webinar and new Full Member

Pharma.Aero organized a second successful webinar: The Day After Covid-19: How Collaboration Can Prepare Us For The Impact. This was the second webinar in a series of three webinars that Pharma.Aero has planned, in collaboration with The STAT Trade Times, to address the current global pandemic.

The global opinion leaders on the panel zoomed in on short to mid-term Covid-19 scenarios, as well as the importance of collaboration amongst all the stakeholders of the entire Life Science and MedTech supply chain. Similar to the previous edition, the virtual event was well-attended by pharma shippers, freight forwarders, integrators, airports, airlines, ground handlers, aircraft OEMs, solution providers and industry organisations like IATA, TIACA.

Come June 18 2020, the third and final webinar titled “The Future: Will Life Science and MedTech Air Cargo Supply Chain Be Completely Different?” will conclude the webinar series. The agenda of this final session discusses structural changes and impacts resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Prof. Wouter Dewulf of the University of Antwerp and Academic Director of C-MAT will share his opinions on the impact and possible scenarios to be expected. He will be joined by other opinion leaders representing pharmaceutical companies including Marc Schmid of Novartis and Kathleen Buckley of Johnson&Johnson. The sharing by the opinion leaders would follow with a round table discussion led by Jaisey Yip of Changi Airport Group and Pharma.Aero’s Vice-Chairman, Alex Leung of Cathay Pacific and Paul Delbar of Nallian.

Following the conclusion of the webinar, an executive summary will be shared on the Pharma.Aero website, LinkedIn and via the STAT Times network. Please also check these channels for the executive summaries of the first two webinars.

Apart from providing the sector with updated insights on the current crisis through webinars, Pharma.Aero, as a global cross-industry association, continues to uphold our vision of aligning all members to collaborate and enhance end to end air transportation of pharmaceuticals. Onboarding like-minded new members is key to this vision and mission. On this note, we are proud to announce our new Full Member: Polar Air Cargo.

We’re so pleased that Polar Air Cargo has joined Pharma.Aero,” says Lars Winkelbauer, EVP and COO, Polar Air Cargo. “Polar is aligned with the organization’s mission to achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation for pharma shippers, and as we grow our own footprint in pharma air transport, we look forward to collaborating with Pharma.Aero and its members.”