Peli BioThermal Updates its SaaS Asset Management Software

posted on 9th January 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Peli BioThermal Updates its SaaS Asset Management Software

Peli BioThermal, the global name in temperature-controlled packaging, announces it has released a new version of its Crēdo ProEnvision web-based asset management tracking and tracing software. This latest version empowers customers to more easily scale and manage large volumes of shippers in multiple locations. It is also easily updated with new features, which is expected to advance smart management of assets, such as the Crēdo Cube temperature-controlled shipper.

This new software release is a direct response to customer feedback on ways we can improve Crēdo ProEnvision,” said David Williams, president of Peli BioThermal. “As the Internet of Things (IoT) makes its way into pharmaceutical cold chain packaging industry, this release sets the foundation for exciting future enhancements and features that will one day advance smart, real-time tracking and add global visibility into temperature-controlled shipments.”

The new release of Crēdo ProEnvision software improves system performance and provides an updated look and feel to the application. The process flow of the software hasn’t changed, and all existing data will be migrated over to the new SaaS system. Current Peli BioThermal customers using the Crēdo ProEnvision platform will experience minimal, if any, disruption during the migration and they will have continued access to their data and history.

The Crēdo ProEnvision system helps ensure payload efficacy and efficient life cycling of reusable packaging inventory assets while providing a high return on investment. It traces the location and condition of Crēdo shippers as they travel from warehouse to processing centre to customer sites and back again. The software integrates with major third-party logistic carriers’ management systems to provide immediate updates on pickup and delivery of shipping units throughout the world. It also provides automatic alerts and triggers for maintenance, refurbishment, re-use and next shipments.

In the near future, Peli BioThermal expects to release new software versions to leverage the Crēdo ProEnvision platform for predictive analytics. This will lead to more rich and varied data being collected, empowering pharmaceutical manufacturers and their logistics partners to better assess challenging shipping lanes and distribution modes where temperature excursions and other issues arise.