Peli BioThermal Expands Distributor Base Worldwide

posted on 23rd April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Peli BioThermal Expands Distributor Base Worldwide

Peli BioThermal, the global name in temperature controlled packaging, announces the addition of the company’s new distributor partnerships expanding its reach. The additional commercial collaborations with distributors serve to further the expansion of Peli BioThermal’s growing global footprint with coverage in Pakistan, Netherlands, Taiwan and South Africa.

Peli BioThermal has expanded its international network with the announcement of its new distributors Popular International in Pakistan, BioThermal SA in South Africa, Uni Pharma in Taiwan and Netherlands based Vonk B.V.

Ed Meyer, Peli BioThermal’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, said: “We are pleased to announce the expansion of our worldwide distribution network. Our new distribution partners will provide customers access to our high performing products in these key regions.”

Popular International Uni Pharma and BioThermal SA  will offer Peli BioThermal’s full range of products with Vonk B.V. providing access to military and EMS product lines.

JJ Van Niekerk, Managing Member, BioThermal SA said: “BioThermal SA would like to thank Peli BioThermal for giving us this opportunity to team up with them and to introduce their revolutionary product to the African market. BioThermal SA will be equipped to respond to the increasing thermal packaging requirements in South Africa and neighbouring countries. We are ecstatic over our venture and will strive to keep the Peli BioThermal name flying high.”

Established to look after the challenging but ever-growing needs of the South African market, BioThermal SA are pioneering the use of PCM systems offering higher performance, greater protection and robust reliability into a market which is dominated by water-based systems.

Terry Lin, Uni Pharma General Manager, said, “Uni Pharma is eager to continue promoting the use of Peli BioThermal’s expansive product portfolio in Taiwan.”  Uni Pharma is well-established in Taiwan as the go to solution partner for products in neurology diagnostic, cancer detection, anti-adhesion in Obstetrics + Gynaecology, cardiovascular diseases, organ transplantation, as well as anti-dote.

Pakistan’s Popular International is one of the leading health care distributors in the region specialising in distributing pharmaceutical, medical and diagnostic products across Pakistan.

Vonk B.V. has been a stock holding distributor for Peli BioThermal’s corporate parent, Peli Products since 1989. The Peli BioThermal product line fits perfectly with its vision of safety and protection for military and first responders engaged in defense and saving lives.