Peli BioThermal celebrates five-year anniversary of long-term rental program

posted on 3rd December 2018 by Justin Burns
Peli BioThermal celebrates five-year anniversary of long-term rental program

Temperature controlled packaging firm Peli BioThermal is celebrating the five-year anniversary of Crēdo on Reserve – its long-term rental program for the cold chain pharmaceutical distribution industry.

Crēdo on Reserve uses passive Crēdo Cube shippers, is geared toward pharma manufacturers with long-term and more predictable usage needs. Unlike the company’s Crēdo on Demand rental service, which offers daily and monthly rental rates, Crēdo on Reserve offers Peli BioThermal customers dedicated inventory for longer rental periods.

Peli BioThermal vice president of worldwide sales, Kevin Lawler said: “We’re extremely proud of the five years we’ve offered Crēdo Cube shippers to meet global customer needs through Crēdo on Reserve.

“No other provider of temperature controlled packaging offers a similar program that has the fleet of dedicated inventory, years of experience and worldwide infrastructure that Peli BioThermal provides and has provided for five years.”

Crēdo on Reserve customers pay for a minimum number of trips during that period and a fixed rate on any trips beyond the minimum. This flexibility gives end users the always-available benefit of dedicated passive temperature controlled shippers, combined with the benefit of replacing large capital costs with more manageable monthly operating costs.

Lawler added: “Pharmaceutical manufacturers prefer to focus on their core competencies of maximising patient health, rather than building complex logistics and distribution systems.

“Our Crēdo on Reserve program is designed to give manufacturers maximum flexibility without the headache of managing reverse logistics, refurbishment, conditioning and the upfront investment in temperature-controlled shippers.”