PayCargo collaborates on new Atlanta Air Cargo Community System

posted on 14th January 2020 by Eddie Saunders
PayCargo collaborates on new Atlanta Air Cargo Community System

PayCargo has collaborated with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and IT business Kale Logistics Solutions to set up the first Air Cargo Community System (ACCS) in the USA.

The PayCargo platform underpins the ACCS, using Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate the integration with Kale in the system, giving all stakeholders visibility of the payment status, eliminating delays or unproductive truck trips for shipment pick-up from the hub.

The ACCS allows stakeholders to communicate electronically with each other, as well as shippers, airlines, trucking companies, customs brokers, freight forwarders and cargo handlers.

It is a big thing for us to be involved with as these air cargo community systems are the future of the industry,” said Lionel van der Walt, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Americas.

In Europe they have been leading the way, but this approach has only been established here for the first time in the USA.

The USA is behind the curve at the moment and this is just the start, as other airports in the USA are also talking about setting up air cargo communities. It is something that is really needed by the airports to drive future growth.

We are leading the way on the payment side and it is a natural progression for us to partner with companies for the future of air cargo in the USA.

From our perspective it is great, and we are open to further collaboration and partnering up with companies in the value chain such as air cargo communities.”