Pallet racking with roller curtain as weather protection

posted on 8th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders

The technology behind the concept: an electric motor ensures fast and safe opening and closing of the splash-proof and air-permeable protective tarpaulin; unwieldy and heavy roller shutter doors or sliding doors are not required, in contrast to standard market solutions. In addition, the shelf with roller curtain has stabilising guide rails that prevent the curtain from flapping, so that weather protection is maintained even in strong winds.

Until recently, there was no efficient way of safely storing goods outdoors in the industrial sector. Therefore, until now, mainly less valuable products have been stocked outside the warehouses. With the weather-protected shelving systems from ELVEDI, users gain significant flexibility: within the appropriate dimensions, all goods can be stored safely outdoors. The shelving expert’s weather protection concept is also available for cantilever racking, which is suitable for long goods made of wood and metal, for example.