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ACHL – Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

20th - 22nd Sep 2023 Grand Hyatt Athens
Registration is reopened. If you have any queries please contact Parveen Raja – parveen@evaint.com or Gemma Keen – gemma@evaint.com


The Air Cargo Handling & Logistics (ACHL) Conference, now in its 14th year, is an occasion for key decision-makers in the air cargo supply chain to come together and discuss key issues to help drive the industry forward. It is also an opportunity to work with the industry associations.

Rated as “excellent” in terms of both content and networking by delegates, ACHL Conferences have typically provided a space to discuss important topics based on new and developing paths towards the future.

All parts of the supply chain, including freight forwarders, airlines, airports, cargo handling agents, suppliers and shippers are invited to participate and to voice their opinions on how to best move the air cargo logistics chain forward.

ACHL is where airlines, cargo handlers, airports and suppliers do business. If you want to be part of the world’s fastest growing cargo event, you need to join us in Athens from the 20th – 22nd September 2023.


ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Des Vertannes

(Chairman )
ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Brigitte Gledhill

Chief Correspondent, CargoForwarder Global
ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Amar More

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kale Logistics
ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Zach Oakley

Deputy Director of Operations & Planning, Chicago Rockford International Airport
ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Bob Rogers

Vice President and Treasurer ULD CARE
ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Dennis Lister

Senior Vice President – Product & Innovation, Emirates SkyCargo
ACHL - Air Cargo Handling & Logistics

Janet Wallace

Managing Director Cargo Operations & Transformation, Air Canada