Ocean-Air Freight Ltd Showcasing fast and hassle-free freight shipping

posted on 12th December 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Ocean-Air Freight Ltd Showcasing fast and hassle-free freight shipping

Ocean-Air Freight Ltd is promoting its fast and hassle-free freight shipping service for businesses and individuals throughout Canada.

Ocean-Air Freight Ltd is the premier logistics and freight forwarder in Calgary. Since 1990, they have provided individuals and companies with top-quality shipping and freight forwarding services. They are recognized for their professionalism, experience and adaptability. By staying on top of an ever-changing global marketplace, they can manage all freight and logistics needs.

The professionals at Ocean-Air Freight will handle all aspects of the freight, including organizing crating and storage and deciphering the perfect route for delivery. Regardless of the size of the cargo, the material, the budget or time frame, the team will organize everything, taking the stress off clients.

With connections at ports throughout the globe, any international, cross-border or domestic delivery – commercial or personal – can be made with the experts at Ocean-Air Freight. They offer a stream of different transportation options, including trucking, air-freight, railing, and shipping. They also provide clients with additional services to make their delivery more straightforward, including customs brokerage, cargo insurance, documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, and packing and crating.

Businesses of all sizes will enjoy a streamlined service where Ocean-Air Freight Ltd will manage all aspects of their freight forwarding. Their experience in the field, coupled with their strong professionalism, makes them the leading freight forwarder in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon for a stress-free service.