Northlink Aviation announces successful completion of Nepa review process

posted on 18th August 2023 by Eddie Saunders

Today, NorthLink Aviation announces a milestone in the development of the Company’s e-commerce and express freight terminal at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (“ANC”).

NorthLink’s terminal project has received a Finding of No Significant Impact and Record of Decision (“FONSI/ROD”) from the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) related to the Environmental Assessment issued as part of the review process for the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”).

The receipt of the FONSI/ROD allows NorthLink, in coordination with ANC and other state agencies, to begin construction on the 120-acre parcel NorthLink has leased for 55 years.

In conjunction with the FONSI/ROD announcement, NorthLink also provides the following updates:

Key Updates:

1. Customer Contracts: NorthLink has signed terminal usage agreements with multiple international air cargo carriers. The multi-year contracts provide carriers with reserved hardstand capacity, enabling safer, more sustainable and profitable operations at ANC.

2. Construction Commencement: NorthLink plans to start construction on the south campus air cargo terminal project shortly, taking full advantage of the remaining 2023 construction season in Anchorage.

3. Operational Hardstands: The completion of operational hardstands, which will further enhance ANC’s capacity to accommodate air cargo traffic, is projected for the second half of 2024.

4. Environmental Leadership: NorthLink is developing a first-in-Alaska facility to recover and recycle onsite deicing fluid used at ANC. Recovering and recycling deicing fluid will protect neighboring waterbodies such as Cook Inlet, reduce CO2 emissions and help improve operational efficiency at ANC.

5. First Port of Entry Status: NorthLink is working with federal agencies to establish ANC as the first port of entry for air cargo entering the United States. Streamlining customs clearance processes, particularly for e-commerce goods, will enable faster and more efficient delivery to end-users.

6. Focus on Digitalization: NorthLink has signed an MOU with Kale Logistics, ensuring that best-in-class air cargo technology is implemented throughout NorthLink’s development. This technology will enable the seamless flow of data to stakeholders, optimize terminal activities and enhance NorthLink’s warehouse operations.

Sean Dolan, CEO of NorthLink stated, “NorthLink is excited to successfully conclude the NEPA review process and shift our focus to construction of this crucial infrastructure project at ANC. We are grateful for the hard work and support of the NorthLink team.”