New 700,000 square foot warehouse slated for ANC

posted on 4th February 2021 by Eddie Saunders
New 700,000 square foot warehouse slated for ANC

ANC has the most liberalized air cargo transfer rights in the U.S., allowing for:

  • Interline cargo transfer to/from non-US carriers
  • Interline cargo transfer to/from US carriers
  • Cargo transfer online between an airline’s aircraft
  • Aircraft change of gauge
  • Commingling of US and non-US traffic on the same flight

We recognized the opportunity at ANC to provide new infrastructure that’s critical for shippers to make the most out of a location that’s already a strategic stop with many benefits,” said McKinley Capital CEO and CIO Rob Gillam. “Our advanced ACCS facility will be located adjacent to the runway and it’s going to have the latest in automation and smart warehouse technology to maximize efficiency. This facility has the potential to streamline the global supply chain and the global cold chain, making ANC a global logistics hub.”

The 700,000 square-foot facility, currently under design and striving to be a state of the art facility, will rise to create 32.5 million cubic feet of warehouse space and feature innovative technologies, including:

  • Climate control zones
  • Ground source heat exchange
  • 500KW solar photovoltaics
  • Oxygen Reduction Fire Suppression System
  • Highly efficient 3 stage ammonia refrigeration

Additional sustainable design and construction attributes are being included that encompass site planning, water use, energy efficiency, materials and indoor air quality.