Multi-company trainee program with focus on “Green Mobility”

posted on 14th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Multi-company trainee program with focus on "Green Mobility"

Daimler Truck, DB Schenker, Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, ONOMOTION and time:matters are all offering  as of April 2022 Master’s graduates the opportunity to work on solutions towards more sustainable, future-oriented action within logistics and mobility.

The new program for Master’s graduates called “Green Mobility Trainee” is the first program of its kind; trainees will have the chance to gain insights into different companies while focusing on a sustainable industry.

During the program period of two years, the participants will work on four projects each at different partner companies – from start-ups to internationally active companies.

They will take a deep dive into the latest sustainability trends and learn about the challenges of the mobility and logistics industry.

By doing so, trainees will acquire the necessary tools to drive solutions for a sustainable change towards a green economy.

Through the involvement of a wide variety of parties within the logistics chains, a broad spectrum of topics will be presented – from improved networking across companies to more efficient transportation routes and alternative fuels, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG provided the idea for the program, while the Lufthansa Innovation Hub is responsible for the coordination and content.

The program offers many advantages for both the trainees and the participants. In addition to the individual challenges of the companies, the trainees will get to know different ways of working, approaches to solutions and corporate cultures.

Furthermore, they have the great opportunity to participate in the development of a “greener mobility industry”.

This program is the first of its kind to apply the idea of the shared economy to talent management. The companies designed the program together and will jointly be selecting the trainees. 

In turn, they will benefit from talents who will develop a cross-company understanding of the entire mobility industry with different business models and integrated solutions.

By participating in the program, the partner companies underline their commitment to a future-oriented and more sustainable industry and stand by their responsibility to minimise the impact of their business activities on the environment.

Each company has very different challenges, but what unites them all is the task of developing solutions for sustainable, future-oriented action.

Collaboration, exchange and learning from one another other is this basic attitude, which is consistently applied within this talent concept.

From Friday, 15 October to Monday, 15 November, interested Master’s graduates can apply via the homepage

The trainee program will begin on 1 April 2022.