Menzies Cargo Sydney receives IATA pharma accreditation

posted on 1st June 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Menzies Cargo Sydney receives IATA pharma accreditation

Menzies Aviation, the global aviation logistics specialist, has announced that its cargo operations in Sydney have received the Center of Excellence of Independent Validators for Pharmaceutical Logistics accreditation (“CEIV Pharma”) endorsing their ability to handle pharmaceuticals transported from all over the world into Sydney.

Menzies Cargo Sydney is the first Handling Agent in the Oceania region to achieve CEIV Pharma accreditation.

The CEIV Pharma is an industry-wide programme established by IATA that combines a multi-stage process of independent audits, validation, and training.

The CEIV Pharma program not only elevates staff levels of competency but it also ensures that participating companies upgrade their procedures, processes, risk assessment methodology and infrastructure to meet the very specific and delicate handling requirements for time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Alistair Reid, Executive Vice President, OSEA at Menzies Aviation said: “It has been a very thorough and rewarding process for our team in Sydney who have spent almost two years working to understand the criteria, develop processes, invest in infrastructure and train the staff which resulted in us being able to be assessed and validated for the CEIV Pharma accreditation.

“Our adopted learnings about pharmaceutical products are invaluable, enabling the team to play a major part in serving the greater community through the improved handling of products that are now more important than ever.

“On a larger scale, the Sydney Cargo team has created a business standard that can be adopted by many of our other stations around the globe which may open the door to new partnerships between Menzies Aviation and other key players in the critical supply chain.

“Through what has been a difficult time for the industry due to Covid-19, our cargo division has remained strong and retained its focus on continuous improvement, enhancing its service offering, to enable our customers to compete effectively.

“Our business continues to grow as a result, most recently with the successful start-up of cargo operations for United Airlines at Sydney and Melbourne.”

Image: Kayla Moa General Manager – Cargo New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory