Menzies Aviation Selected as New Cargo Ground Handler at Philadelphia International Airport

posted on 6th September 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Menzies Aviation Selected as New Cargo Ground Handler at Philadelphia International Airport

The City of Philadelphia (Airport or PHL) Division of Aviation, and Aviation Facilities Company (AFCO) has announced that they will be partnering with Menzies Aviation, as a new cargo ground handler at the Airport, along with Kale Logistics Solutions, as the technology solution provider for the Airport’s cargo community system.

The companies will be key players in the PHL Cargo Expansion Strategy, announced last year in support of increasing regional demand for air cargo and logistics in and around the Airport.

The new facilities and technology that will be introduced through this partnership will not only improve cargo throughput, but also serve PHL’s passenger airlines.

Menzies Aviation provides air cargo, ground, and fuel services at more than 250 airports in 58 countries.

With state-of-the-art cargo technology, cost-effective and smart logistics solutions, and decades of experience, they serve a cargo network covering 70 locations around the globe. PHL, AFCO, and Menzies are evaluating near-term options for their operations prior to completion of a building that will be newly dedicated to air cargo.

“We are delighted to be working with Philadelphia Airport, AFCO and Kale on this new development for cargo,” said Robert Fordree, Executive Vice President Global Cargo Services at Menzies Aviation.

“This is very much aligned to our preferred model of working collaboratively with key stakeholders and airports that are willing to invest in cargo infrastructure.

“We are embracing new technologies and innovation for cargo handling and look forward to bringing this approach to the new development, as well as utilizing the implementation of a cargo community system in collaboration with Kale.”

“Kale feels privileged to support PHL in its cargo transformation strategy with the provision of our Cargo Community System,” said Amar More, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kale Logistics Solutions.

“By creating a digital stakeholder ecosystem, the entire air cargo value chain at PHL will be able to work as a well-synchronized & optimized operation.

“This will not only bring vast business efficiencies at the airport, but will also drive sustainability benefits by reducing paperwork, truck waiting times, and pollution.

“We are excited to complement the upgrades to the physical and process infrastructure at PHL that AFCO and Menzies are driving with this state-of-the-art Digital Infrastructure for air cargo.”

Through AFCO’s partnership with the Airport and the City, AFCO intends to develop a 150,000-sf facility for Menzies in support of the company’s growing operations.

The proposed facility will capitalize on investments being made to relocate Tinicum Island Road and expand the airport’s cargo ramp area.

The new facility will also leverage the Airport’s relationship with Kale Logistics Solutions in the development of an air cargo community system.