McCallum Cargo Works with Several UFO Members for Airfreight Shipments

posted on 17th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders

McCallum Cargo reported last week that they have imported over 100tns of airfreight since the start of 2020, working with UFO members around the world!

Head of Freight & Operations at McCallum Cargo, Heresh Fernando says; “We have worked with several UFO members to import more than 100tns of airfreight in a short period of time (from 1st Jan up to today) from the UK and:

  • Germany – with ALLSTA Spedition
  • Dubai, UAE – with Elite Shipping
  • Poland – with Eurogate Logistics
  • Finland – with Trans World Shipping

We just wanted to share this news with the network in order to thank all UFO members for their support extended to us at McCallum Cargo in Sri Lanka in order to achieve this high volume. We look forward to continuing to develop mutual business relationships among all members.”