Vanguard Logistics Lawsuit Accuses Fraser Robinson of Stealing Trade Secrets

posted on 28th October 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Vanguard Logistics Lawsuit Accuses Fraser Robinson of Stealing Trade Secrets

The lawsuit cites Robinson’s claim that he knew nothing about logistics and freight and describes how he set out to learn more about the industry by ingratiating himself with Vanguard’s owners, purporting to offer marketing services to Vanguard, whilst also stealing confidential, proprietary information.

Robinson oversaw Uber’s operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa before announcing his intention to leave the company in December 2017.  His departure coincided with that of a number of other executives who stepped down in relation to a data breach and subsequent complaints of a toxic corporate culture.  Robinson was never publicly linked to the controversies.  

A spokesman from Vanguard commented.  “We trusted Fraser Robinson as a director and fiduciary of the company, this included legal stipulations around non-disclosures and protection of Vanguard’s IP, and he betrayed that trust.

“It is fitting that Fraser Robinson launched a company founded on fraud and named it Beacon, a word that describes a warning signal.  Anybody doing business with him should certainly beware.”

A spokesperson for Beacon said: “We are surprised to hear that Vanguard have filed these proceedings. The papers have not yet been issued by the court and have not been served. What we have seen so far is an ill-thought out action which is entirely without merit and which has been brought in the wrong jurisdiction. Any claim will be robustly defended.”