LATAM Cargo Group collaborates with SkyCell

posted on 20th May 2021 by Eddie Saunders
LATAM Cargo Group collaborates with SkyCell

LATAM Cargo Group has partnered with SkyCell, the leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers to expand pharmaceutical shipments to South America.

This new collaboration will expand LATAM Cargo Group’s PHARMA services, adding further shielding from tough climates for precious pharma products during transport to and across key countries in South America, including, but not limited to, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

This is a unique opportunity for both companies and comes at a crucial time for the pharmaceutical industry in South America, as the PHARMA volumes being transported by LATAM this year has more than doubled, compared to the same period in 2020.

Cristina Oñate

Cristina Oñate, VP marketing & product development at LATAM cargo group: “Our new alliance with SkyCell expands our alternatives to continue satisfying our clients’ needs at a critical time for medicine and vaccine transportation.

“We continuously work to provide the highest cold chain standards, as these goods are delicate and extremely sensitive to temperature deviations.

“At LATAM Cargo, we are committed to supporting our clients in their daily operations and contributing to the current global health crisis by providing the best PHARMA experience and ensuring pharmaceutical products’ quality levels.”

South America presents a few challenges to pharma supply chains; notably climate and infrastructure. 

Skycell hybrid containers are aptly suited to the extreme weather conditions that can be faced in South America

Chiara Venuti

Chiara Venuti, head of airline partners at Skycell: “SkyCell’s innovative containers protect goods from the extreme temperature and seasonal changes that occur when shipping from Europe and North America to Latin America.

“Our containers provide additional security in the cold chain and mitigate potential infrastructural challenges.

“By working with LATAM we can help more people get the life-saving medicines they need in pristine condition.”