LATAM Cargo and CSafe sign a global master lease agreement

posted on 29th May 2019 by Justin Burns
LATAM Cargo and CSafe sign a global master lease agreement

LATAM Cargo has signed a Master Lease Agreement with CSafe Global to extend alternative transportation options to its clients shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

“Our top priority when shipping highly delicate and valuable cargo such as pharmaceutical products is to maintain the desired temperature levels throughout the entire time the cargo is transported, from the origin until its final destination.

“We understand that minimal deviation from the defined temperature ranges can greatly affect the quality of the products and that is why we are constantly evaluating new options for our Clients. CSafe containers offer cutting-edge technology that will continue to strengthen our PHARMA ACTIVE Product,” said product development senior manager for LATAM Cargo, Rodolfo Marré.

The CSafe RAP and CSafe RKN active temperature-controlled containers expertly offer unmatched operational capabilities with the industry’s longest battery run times and broadest ambient temperature ranges of -30°C to +54°C for the CSafe RAP and -30°C to +49°C for the CSafe RKN. 

LATAM Cargo said CSafe’s “innovative” system design combines advanced compressor-driven cooling technologies with superior VIP insulation to regulate payload temperatures precisely where they need to be for up to four US pallets of pharmaceutical product, per container. 

These active containers have approvals to fly on both the upper and lower decks of aircraft and are a “welcomed addition” to LATAM’s offering. 

“We are very excited about the addition of LATAM Cargo to our roster of airline partners who have included the CSafe RKN and CSafe RAP active systems in their pharma offering,” said Brad Jennings, vice president of global marketing and partner alliances with CSafe Global.

“With a comprehensive cargo network serving key markets in the Latin American region, and a robust CEIV pharma program, we look forward to a very fruitful collaboration with LATAM Cargo as we collectively strive to best serve pharma companies seeking that ultimate peace of mind when transporting invaluable life-enhancing medications to their patients in the important and growing pharma market across Latin America.”