Jettainer invests in expansion of skypooling

posted on 5th June 2019 by Justin Burns
Jettainer invests in expansion of skypooling

Jettainer has taken over the online platform skypooling and the unit load device (ULD) outsourcing management has already started work on the expansion and further development of the platform.

Via the platform, the exchange of ULDs between controllers of different airlines will be facilitated globally.

skypooling and Jettainer announced the acquisition and the planned innovations today at air cargo Europe in Munich.

In order to ensure the further development of the platform and to tackle technical challenges, skypooling founder Willem-Jan Loomans was looking for a suitable partner.

“Jettainer was chosen because the company has made an excellent name for itself both with ULD management as well as generally in the creation and development of ULD-relevant IT systems and tools,” he said.

Jettainer has been an active user of the platform for many years and quickly recognised the potential. With the help of the ULD management specialist, skypooling is now to be further expanded. The current basic functionalities of the simple ULD exchange are to remain free of charge.

The network currently has around 100 members. Almost all of the existing airline members have migrated to the new owner.

“skypooling thus becomes a one-stop shop, the online marketplace for searching and offering containers and pallets. The complete coordination of ULD rental will take place via the platform: From automated processes, direct booking confirmation and communication to all parties involved to recording the issue and return of ULDs,” said Christine Klemmer, general manager of skypooling.

The new version includes a modernized frontend for the customer, with technical improvements to make it easier to find the required devices. It is scheduled to go online in the fall of 2019.

In addition, Jettainer is already planning new features for the future. For example, a lost & found function and insurance services are to be integrated.

“We are making supply and demand in the ULD environment transparent and will bring together parties who would otherwise not have found each other so easily. This enables us to offer solutions that would not have been possible before.

“I am delighted to be able to further develop this excellent basis with my team and make it the most important ULD portal for current and future user groups,” added Klemmer.

The platform will be represented at air cargo Europe with its own stand to discuss suggestions from various interest groups and gather further input from the industry.

skypooling is a tool that helps participating airlines in managing their containers more efficiently. Users of the platform provide information about ULD understocks or overstocks.

This allows airlines to help each other balance container inventories to ensure benefits and savings for all participants. By transporting less empty cargo, airlines benefit from additional freight revenue, fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions, which in turn are good for the environment.