Jettainer appoints Christine Klemmer as chief innovation officer

posted on 15th August 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Jettainer appoints Christine Klemmer as chief innovation officer

Jettainer is continuing its path to drive forward digital and non-digital innovation by appointing Christine Klemmer as Chief Innovation Officer.

The newly established department aims to enhance ULD management services through cutting-edge technology, strategic AI applications and tracking solutions.

As the company continues its growth trajectory, Klemmer’s focus will ensure that Jettainer remains the industry’s leading innovator in ULD management, providing forward-looking services to customers worldwide.

As newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer, Christine Klemmer is driving forward digital and non-digital innovation.

The primary goal of this new department is to leverage cutting-edge technological developments to enhance Jettainer’s ULD management services even further.

This includes the strategic utilization of AI applications and exploring innovative tracking solutions beyond BLE. Additionally, Jettainer’s own IT landscape JettwareNG will be further improved and automated, facilitating faster and more user-friendly experiences for customers, service providers and employees through smart workflows.

“Staying innovative and leveraging the latest technological opportunities is crucial to ensure efficient ULD management for our customers around the globe,” remarked Jettainer’s CEO, Thomas Sonntag.

“That is why we have now created the structures that give room for new and creative solutions. Christine Klemmer’s experience at home and abroad and her wide-ranging expertise in ULD management, air freight, and IT, makes her the ideal fit.”

“Jettainer’s customer-centric and innovation-driven approach puts us in an outstanding position to continue on our successful growth trajectory,” said Jettainer’s new Chief Innovation Officer, Christine Klemmer.

“I am eager to explore new possibilities and to ensure Jettainer remains the leading innovator in ULD management, offering top-notch and forward-looking services to our customers and the industry.”

In addition to her new role, Christine Klemmer will remain responsible for strategic development at the ULD specialist and manage Jettainer’s project portfolio and corporate communications.