JD Launches China-UK All-Cargo Charter Flight

posted on 20th September 2021 by Eddie Saunders
JD Launches China-UK All-Cargo Charter Flight

In September JD launched an all-cargo charter flight between China and the UK, the e-commerce giant’s first regular cargo flight to Europe.

The route further expands JD’s international transportation logistics network.

“We are committed to leveraging JD’s global supply chain, logistics and other infrastructure services to help boost the development of cross-border e-commerce and trade around the globe,” said Stard Huang, president of JD’s international logistics division.

“We will also take the launch of this charter route as the opportunity to continuously upgrade our global logistics layout.”

By launching front warehouses in Shanghai and Shenzhen, the freight route will be able to deliver products from China’s major manufacturing regions in northern, eastern and southern China. 

JD launched a self-operated warehouse in UK recently, enriching its warehouse layout in the Europe in addition to its warehouses in Poland and Germany.

The combination of the freight route and local warehouse in the UK will enable an end-to-end transportation to facilitate the fast growing cross-border trade.